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OBM/OMi ability to export events in HTML5 browser

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over 1 year ago

Hello Team,

My customer uses the button "Export Event List" in OBM Flash Event Browser.

But this feature does not exist in OBM HTML5 Event Browser.

My customer would like to have this "Export Event List" feature in OBM HTML5 Event browser, also.


best regards



  • Option to export events to XLS/CSV was added to the HTML Event Browser with OBM 2020.10 release.


  • It is a much required feature and frequently used by the customers. Please rollout this feature asap.

  • The existing Export function is very valuable in the event browser, as it is a reliable way of getting the complete set of information about each event (some issues with copy/paste already discussed in previous comment) to pass on in a post-mortem, or for a specific specialist to investigate.

    Also, the export function allows you to specify more/less columns of output, so you don't have to modify your browser presentation, then export, then put the browser back to its original configuration.

  •  I just tested this out (comparing 10.63 flash based & 2019.11 HTML browser )

    Cntrl copy paste works from HTML Browser but its not perfect has issues as of now. Below are the issues we currently have.

    1) If title of the event includes multiple lines, Then export using Ctrl copy paste option gives improper format. Below is an example of OOTB Memory even title. you can copy this and try out. This used to work perfectly using export option in old OMi, Ctrl copy paste method had same issue in old OMi as well.

    2) In old flash based event browser, it was easier to use Ctrl+A or use the selection box (on top) to select all the events at once. In new HTML Browser this is not possible, instead we have to use shift button option and this is very slow.

    So its better if we have export option like in old OMi which allow us to export all the events and also option to export selected events which make this perfect and cover all use case. or Ctrl copy should work with out any formatting issues. Select all tick box is also required.

    Again concluding the missing HTML Features below

    1) Export all the events and selected events from HTML Event browser.

    2) Ctrl copy should work with out any formatting issues.

    3) Select all tick box is required.


    Here is an example title so you can test this out. In case if am wrong, let me know if any options available. Thanks

    A memory bottleneck symptom has been detected based on several memory related performance metrics including
    Memory utilization = 92.17 %
    Page out rate (pages/sec) = 0.00
    Available memory (MB)= 1282.00
    . This may cause the system to slow down.Top 10 memory hogging processes are listed below :

    KBused PID Process

    2097151 1744 sqlservr -sMSSQLSERVER
    198372 1976 ccSvcHst /s "Symantec Endpoint Protection" /m "C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\14.2.5323.2000.105\Bin\sms.dll" /prefetch:1
    185600 1528 aeagent POST_SCAN_DATA
    91888 5756 hpsensor
    85048 1968 perfd
    70976 628 svchost#2 -k netsvcs
    63352 6676 opcmona
    61720 11272 CcmExec
    50072 2676 WmiPrvSE#1
    47304 5852 oacore "oacore" "C:/ProgramData/HP/HP BTO Software/conf/oa/PipeDefinitions/oacore.xml"
    [Policy: Sys_MemoryBottleneckDiagnosis]

  • Hi Guido,

    Did you try copy-paste option and will that be an acceptable solution?

    Thanks & Regards,