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OBM option to hide administration menu

Status : Already Offered
over 2 years ago

OBM 2018.11

OBM displays the administration menu as soon as a permission is granted which is usually called through the administration menu, e.g. Service Health - Downtime Management.

The administration menu is confusing and useless for typical operators.

The request is to have the option to hide the administration menu for users. Certain pages like Downtime Management can still be displayed by providing a new page or by directly opening the URL.



  • Hi,

    Firstly, as mentioned in the comments already, its possible to hide the admin menu by not giving permissions to any of the admin items. The difference between operator and admin is through the permissions only.

    Secondly, if the ask is for having some downtime management related information available in the operations UIs, instead of the admin UIs, then please submit a separate request with clear requirement and we will consider that with the larger theme of improving downtime handling. 

    Thanks & Regards,

    Moderator, OpsB IdeaX

  • A typical operator is one working on events. In addition, he should be able to have a view on the downtime management page. This can be added to the dashbaord. There is no need to see the administration menu.

  • Hi, when you say "hide the admin menu for operators", can you define what is an operator? An operator or administrator is defined by the assigned permissions/role. For the operators, you define the role such that there is no permission for any of the admin menu items and then they do not see the admin menu at all. What is missing?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Moderator, OpsB IdeaX

  • Your response is not helpful. It cannot be a big deal to implement this. But it is huge effort for customers to develop separate services.

    The request is clearly to hide admin menu to avoid confusion.

    If there is need to view pages like downtime management, this can be added through pages.


  • In such case, you should use Downtime API to create and delete downtime.. Make your own customized user HTML page (hosted onto other web server) and PUT URL into OMI workspace component.