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OBR collect all data and aggregated from Operations bridges products

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over 2 years ago

Hi OBR team

  1. In the roadmap: “Display and correlate data from across all ITOM Suites via COSO Vertica data warehouse” -> When is it going to happen? .  I saw OBR does not collect all data from ITOM Suite as:
    1. NNMi SPI for Qa, NNM SPI for IP traffic ..etc..
    2. OMi Performance graph
    3. Sitescope monitor: OBR only support to collect sitescope data for monitor performance server, not for other monitor
    4. OBR aggregated reports existed of ITOM to OBR, example: All report from NNMi for OBR (included all SPIs), all reports from OMI Management pack to OBR, All report from Sitescope to OBR (Not only server monitor)
  2. Build reports based on custom monitors including the list below:
    1. OMi custom policies (not from MP which have graphs inside)
    2. all data collect by number will be up to graph
    3. OBR support design report including combination of network, server, database, etc…into a single report, the custommer only chooese data from OBR dashboard to design graph as BSM service health report

Many thanks