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OBR: OMi Extended Content Pack 10x: Adding CONTROL_EXTERNALID In Hourly & Daily Summarization Tables

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Already Offered
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over 3 years ago

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OBR 10.2x and OMi10x_Extended_ETL CP: 10.x

Don't see CONTROL_EXTERNALID count column in the Summarization tables SH_Event_Count and SD_Event_Count.

End user likes to see No.of tickets logged for Critical, Major.... over a period of time. 

We can get CONTROL_EXTERNALID based on Severity from K_Event_Ext table for the date passed but it seems impossible while showing the count day wise!!


  • Hi Vineetha,

    I used K_Event_Ext.Control_ExternalID to show the count, thought it would be good if we have few more columns like No.of Critical Ticket, Major Tickets etc .. in SH_Event_Count\SD_Event_Count itself..

  • This field is already available in OMi Extended content.

    K_Event_Ext.Control_ExternalID stores the CONTROL_EXTERNALID received from OMi.

    Custom online aggregation in reports can be created using EventCount Cubes in the OMi Extended universe along with the required attributes like CONTROL_EXTERNALID.