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OMi 10.63 supported with Oracle 12c R2 or Oracle 18c

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago



please get support for OMI 10.63 with latest Oracle ->

Oracle 12c R2

 Oracle 18c





  • yes, 18c is a major production install now here at my company.

  • This should be done for every product that can be installed on, or is responsible for monitoring Oracle databases. To name a few:  OMI, APM (OBM), Service Manager, NNMi, NA (NOM); CMS (uCMDB), SiteScope (monitoring).

  • With the impending release of on-prem Oracle Database 19c, support for 18c should be made available ASAP (especially considering that 18c is essentially a patch release of the Oracle 12.2.x product line). I strongly suspect that the only incompatibility with the 18c version occurs during the version check by OMI. Otherwise it should be functionally identical to for OMI purposes.