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Operation connector for Oneview - OBM/OMi integration with Oneview Global Dashboard

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago


The Oneview global dashboard consolidates the monitoring of several oneviews (up to 25 I guess).

With the current Operation connectors for Oneview integration we can hardly connect six oneviews in one connector and we have 45 oneviews.

In an infrastructure where we need to monitor several oneviews , it can be a time and money saver to make the integration between the opsconnector and the global dashboard.

A time saver because we no longer need to make multiple configurations (45 in our case) instead we just need to perform one .

A money saver because we no longer need to order additional Vms for the integration (in our case 8)

Would you consider to make this feature available for future releases ?