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OpsBridge Page re-size

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

In OpsBridge Manager, create a new Page in My Workspace.  Create a Vertical Split, with a multi-tabbed Dashboard in top pane.  If Dashboard has several rows (example 5), it is fairly large and occupies too much real estate on the page - you need to resize in order to see the lower pane of the Page (drag divider bar).   Saving the Page in the re-sized configuration produces no error, however next login the page reverts to original size and needs to be manually re-sized to be usable again.  Other Pages without  a multi-tabbed top pane *do* save correctly for next session if re-sized.  "Save" function seems to not work only for multi-tabbed pages in top.


I opened a support case but was told it was already reported and will not be fixed, then it was suggested to open an exchange idea.

Original KB case - QCCR8D50762    (

Support Case (SD02456365)