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Please Bring to OBM the ability to copy or move SiteScope Monitors

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

In BSM/APM we had the ability to use System Availbility Management to Copy.Move Monitors between Sitescope servers.   PLEASE migrate this ability into OBM!  We try to balance the load between our servers and often use the same monitor on out internal and external sitescope servers.  In Addition, we would like to build monitors initiallly in a test environment, check the load requirements, and then move the monitor to production. 

We have not found an easy way to copy a fully configured Monitor from one server to another. (if there is a way, Please Teach me!!)  Creating a template modifies the monitor to set up variables, which the requires us to reload the variables.  It was so simple to select the monitors in BSM, then select the server you wanted to move them too, and walk away for an hour or two while they got moved, or copied.  This would be really useful to get back into OBM.  In this Day and age of Doing more with less, and Everything has to be done FAST, it would be really appreciated to see a lot more features and UI Modifications that Make the Tools Faster to administer, with less clicks and less screen refreshes and less repositioning of the screen when the screen refreshes.... 


Thanks Development Team!


Agentless (SiteScope)