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Populate more CI attributes from agent discovery

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 2 years ago

OBM 2018.11

The Operations Agent sends agent and discovery data out of the box by means of ovodetect and system discovery data.

Unfortunately, the following data is inserted as  a single string into the DiscoveredOsName attribute of the node CI, for example

ostype = Linux
osname = Oracle Linux 7.5
osversion = 3.10.0

DiscoveredOsName: Linux Oracle 7.5 3.10.0

For automation, it will extremely helpful to split as much information as possible into the existing CI attributes like DiscoveredOsVendor and DiscoveredOsVersion.



  • populate application_ip and application_ip_type would be helpful too!

  • string is: 'Linux Oracle Linux 7.5 3.10.0'

  • Hi Cherian,

    1) its useless to merge  well defined data  into a   single string ,  in particular in case  there are   well defined attributes  in the  Ci-definition  already. Therefore the question leads to the wrong direction. 

    2) single values include  blank space  characters  and the string ist splitted by blank space  as well. So you can try some  LIKE , but never  EQUALS

    With respect to  1 , What is the reason  to merge ?

  • hi ,

    let me move this to "waiting for votes" for prioritization 

    Can you also let me know what's the difficulty in parsing the DiscoveredOsName CI in the automation?



  • Thank you  for this  request  .  It's a pity to  see the well defined data  mixed up to a string  instead of written to the well defined  Ci - Attributes. 

    Having views  on OS vendors,namess and versions are expected to be native use case and should work without any tricks,