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Provide a non-flash based workbench and treemap in Cloud Optimizer

Status : New Idea
7 months ago

The workbench and treemap have been removed in the flash-free version of Cloud Optimizer console.

This is a request to restore these features with non-flash code in the Cloud Optimizer console.


Optimization (CO)
  • We need  these features also for the container version of this product HCM 2020.05 CO 3.05

  • I feel "workbench and treemap" functionalities are one of the most and frequent usages in CO. If these 2 functionalities are removed in non-flash version, then Micro Focus team should have provide some alternative as a replacement to match these 2 functionalities in CO along with their Hot Fix releases.

    Moreover, Adobe announces its plan to stop FLASH at end of 2017 itself. It's totally UNFAIR to simply remove some features/functionalities because of FLASH dependent and asking customer like us to VOTE to include in new version.

    Now Micro Focus team should come up with some solution to overcome these FLASH dependent functionalities in newer version with NON-FLASH dependent. Let me know if anyone has different opinion in this regard. Thanks


  • If I had to pick one, I'd choose the workbench over the treemap, but the tree map does provide a very good visualization of relative usage, combined with heatmap functionality.  So, I'm definitely in favour of keeping both if possible.