Idea ID: 1763247

Provide export/import capability for BPM data from/into the APM platform (like available for RUM)

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

To enable easy data transfer between different environments (e.g. dev, test/QA, pre-production, production) it should be possible to export/import BPM related data from/into APM platform. This capability is available for RUM already, but not yet for BPM.

This functionality should be offered at least as CLI to allow automation and integration into CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) processes.



Synthetic Transaction (BPM)
  • Hi Bernhard,
    thanks for assessing this enhancement request. As I understand the requested capability is no longer planned for the current "classic" APM platform, but for the new generation, where APM runtime data (e.g. from SiteScope, BPM, RUM) are stored in the COSO (Collect Once Store Once) data lake, and can be consumed for the various dashboarding and reporting use cases. Corresponding export/import capabilities (incl. the configuration) will be offered on that new technology stack in future releases.



  • We do not plan to offer this functionality for the current APM.

    In future we are working on a tighter integration into the ITOM platform and the Operations Bridge. With this move we plan to improve  support  for dev, test/QA, pre-production, production use cases.