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Report to get last alarm received for the policies on a server

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Waiting for Votes
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11 months ago

Since there are many policies and versions of policies available we need to be able to generate a report with the list of policies on a server and the last alarm received time against each policy deployed on the server. This will help tp review the policies deployed and the effectiveness of the policies configured



  • I have checked the utility and it gives the details of the policy and the parameters.

    We have instances where the node was deleted and recreated on the server. Due to this the assignment on the OBM side does not show any policies assigned while the host servers has the policies running. In this case what value will it give for the parameters? Does it show the parameters from the policies on the node side?

    The only other issue that as you mentioned no relation to the last alarm received

  • Hi,

    for the policy report, there were some enhancements done in OBM quite sometime back, have you used that fuctionality? If not, here is a link to a blog article:


    I agree that this report does not show when the last alert was generated by the policy but other aspects of your request are probably met. Please take a look and let us know specifically what are you looking for?

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