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Reporting in ITOM : Provide basic reporting functionalities with a proper UI in BVD reporting

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

As far as i know, BVD is going to be the leight weight reporting user interface for all future ITOM reports. I still dont consider BVD as a reporting interface its more of a dashboad purpose prodcut for me ( Its good at that ).

It supports only vertica data collector ( No other database, that also i guess only a single Vertica DB). A basic reporting tool should have following functionalities atleast

1) UI or settings which help users to schedule the report. ( NOT with a Print to PDF CLI, which is more like a firefox plugin which take screenshot of the webpage )

2) UI Settings for selecting the timeline of reprots ( Past 30 days, Past 7 days, past 24 hours) , This should not be an extra effort by setting query for everything. This should be user friendly like in OBR or any other reporting tools in the world.

It was far better if this leight weight reporting was inside the OBM just like we have EUM inside the OBM. As of now, I dont consider this BVD reporting as a real reporting solution, Its more like dashboards report. Please consider these points, Users are frustated and confused on the future of reporting of ITOM.

Correct me please, if any new feature is introduce which i am may not be aware.


  • Thank you! Changing back to "Waiting for Votes"

  • Hoping for this to happen in reality with an inbuilt reporting tool for OBM, Expecting neither a heavy reporting tool like OBR nor a basic functionless tool like Current BVD query collector.

    By the way, your first comment changed this status to "waiting for votes" and second commend change it back to "new idea"

  • The plans include BVD being enhanced to actually perform the functionality itself, not via an external mechanism such as Web to PDF.

    OpsBridge users (CDF version) have the option to use their own BI tool (e.g. Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, etc) to create dynamic reports if the BVD functionality does not meet their needs. Understanding that this requires an effort to customize and have working knowledge of a BI tool in the individual company, the BVD-based reporting is planned to provide a certain number of Out of the Box (OOTB) reports for customers to use directly or as a base for customizing their own reports.

  • Thanks, Hope this wont be using another option like print to PDF CLI and ask to schedule it whenever required. Not to mention there are top most ideas under consideration still not done even after 1 year. And problem is  you are building a tool from scratch, but in reality is end users are used with such heavy reporting tool like OBR, so if this BVD ( I still wont call it reporting tool ) is the future for reporting, we expect basic reporting functionalities.

  • Thank you for your input. Your ideas are on the reporting roadmap plan for future releases.  Plans for scheduling reports and setting timeline for data in a report are planned for upcoming releases.