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request to be able to use su do in the Remote Server

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Already Offered
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over 1 year ago

request to be able to use su do in the Remote Server as attached screenshot (similar as the su do of ucmdb credentials in ucmdb)



Agentless (SiteScope)
  • Hi Brenhard,

    Can customer monitor the log file only with sudo permission?

    If yes what is the file which needs to be edited with sudo?





  • Thanks for submitting this idea. SiteScope can be reconfigured to use "sudo" already today. The commands used for monitoring remote servers can be found in the …/SiteScope/templates.os directory.

    As an example create a copy of the "Ubuntu.config" file and name it "UbuntuSUDO.config". Edit the file and change:

    name=Ubuntu Linux SUDO
    description=Ubuntu Linux SUDO

    Then search for "command=" lines and modify the commands to use sudo. Here are some examples:

    command=sudo /usr/bin/test -r <file>; echo $?

    command=sudo /usr/bin/tail -c +<bytes> <file> | /usr/bin/head -c <readBytes>

    After changing the file, restart the SiteScope service and reconfigure your remote machine to use the new OS template "Ubuntu Linux SUDO". You can now use a normal user to connect to your remote systems. The sudoers file on the remote servers must be configured to allow executing the required commands without an additional password prompt.

    Best Regards