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Restore display of seconds in event detail history list

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Waiting for Votes
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5 months ago

In the old Flash UI the event details history tab displayed the time including seconds.

In the new HTML5 UI the event details history list shows only hours and minutes, but not seconds.

On occasion we have to research a series of events, say for a site outage, as part of localizing the likely source of the outage, or for impact analysis. On these occasions seconds matter when building a timeline from several events. Users conducting these analysis usually do not have CLI access, so event exports en masse are not within reach.

We need to see the time including seconds when viewed via the HTL5 UI event detail history list. I will attach comparative images below to illustrate the ask:

2021-02-23 1017PST - Event history list - Flash.png2021-02-23 1017PST - Event history list - HTML5.png