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Restructure the OBM documentation: Hide basic info

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Waiting for Votes
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10 months ago


I consider the online OBM documentation to be good and comprehensive. One thing that annoys me a lot, however, is how hard it sometimes is to find the interesting and slightly more advanced topics amongst all the repetetive descriptions of basic tasks.

Example: When entering the help section from a policy editor, one always have to scroll past long descriptions on policy basics, regarding how to create a new policy in the GUI etc. I have seen the same in other areas too.

I certainly do not suggest that you remove such info. from the help, as it is very relevant for people who are new to OBM. I DO suggest, however, that you restructure the online documentation so that all such basic and repetitive info is hidden behind links instead. In my example above, I consider that the initial text should just state "Create a new blah blah type policy". That text should then even contain a link to a description of all the basics regarding how to create a policy from the GUI. 

I assume you get the picture, and I kindly request Micro Focus to consider updating the OBM online documentation structure according to my suggestion.

Frank Mortensen
Managon AB