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SiteScope - Please sort All displaed lists prior to putting them on the screen.

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over 3 years ago

Any time a list of Anything is pulled up, it should be sorted in some manner that makes it's display consistent over and over again.  I find this is not done in many of the MF Tools, and it just really got me in Sitescope when I pulled a list of counters from Azure.

There is no rhyme or reason to this listing.  IT may be sorted by the ID's underneath but that is not a "human" useable sort.  Anything you can do in your code to make the tools less time intensive to administer is helpful, and looking at lists, picking out individual counters from a list htat looks like this is very Time Intensive!   Thanks Folks we really appreciate you making this ER Request Process a lot easier, and far less time consuming!



Agentless (SiteScope)
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