Idea ID: 1670650

Sitescope Local Client

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago
  • We would like the desktop client could run at least as fast as the current browser client – now it is noticeably slower (navigating over the monitor tree, opening a monitor for edition, displaying monitor properties, etc. are irritatingly slow)
  • We would like the desktop client to be more stable – now you have to close it every time you want to connect to a different SiteScope URL (you cannot reuse already running client to connect to a new SiteScope instance)
  • Initial time between providing login credentials and hitting enter and the moment you get a SiteScope monitor tree on your screen is so so long (you are sitting in front of a blank window for quite a long time before you actually see something start coming up)
  • When creating a new quick report you see only a blank screen with no progress indicator – so you are not sure if the report is being generated or there is a system hang-up