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Sub-Processes report in OMi

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Already Offered
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over 2 years ago

Currently operations agent is collecting data related to processes running on the OS but many time we could find the many sub process are having the same process name and from the report we could not find which sub process is causing the performance as all are listed with same process name.

idea is to operations agent capture more details and in OMi report to show process with sub-process details.



  • Dear,

    In OMi, we have performance perspective OOTB dashboard. Under which we have "Process Drilldown" report as part of "Standard Dashboard". In the Process Drilldown report , details about all the processes along with its usage details are available. What we sugegsted is, since in many Middleware softwares are based on Java. All processes are listed as Java and from the report it is not possible to under stand which process actually is causing the issue. unless we have the processid but that would be not avaible for the historic data , if the process is restarted.

    So we are suggesting to provide more details that the java process invokes, the details that  were availble at the OS level. i.e., if we execute the command, ps-ef, all processes with details are listed. the same details i.e., CMD column values would be helpful and very useful for analysis.

  • Hi,

    I'm not quite clear which report are you referring to? OMi itself has no reports. Could you please share more details for better understanding?

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    Moderator, OpsB IdeaX