uCMDB (RTSM) REST API is not working

9 months ago
uCMDB (RTSM) REST API is not working when run on the GW locally.

On an OBM 2020.05 with separate GWs and DPS trying to use the uCMDB (RTSM) REST API on the OBM GW server itself does not work.

The URL https://localhost:8443/rest-api/authenticate


Error: Server returned nothing (no headers, no data).

On OBM 2020.05 the uCDMB runs only on the DPS so the RTSM REST API must be used against the DPS or on the DPS servers itself. In case it gives an error: “SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not ok” make sure to disable validation of certificates on the REST client used.
It is important to mention that the RTSM REST API does not support LDAP authentication but only local OMi users. One should use only local users.

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