Configuring delayed actions in Service Level Agreements

I'm trying to put a timer on an element so that an email is sent after
the element is Critical for 5 minutes. The email should be sent anytime
the element is critical for more than 5 minutes, but only once for each
individual outage. So, if it is Critical for a continuous 3 hours, then
1 email is sent after the first 5 minutes. If it is down 5 times in an
hour for 5 minutes each, then 5 emails are sent.

In a NOC admin class, I was told this should be done in SLA using an
Objective Type of Outage. I can cause this type of behavior to happen
only once, then it seems to stop working.


Here are the steps performed:

1. Element is set to a condition of Unknown
2. Element is forced into a condition of Critical
3. Wait 5 minutes
4. Email is sent. Log shows script output.
5. Set element back to Unknown.
6. Set element back to Critical.
7. Wait 5 more minutes.
8. Email is not sent. Log does not show script output.

I have tried setting the max number of outages to 0 per the docs so that
every outage is allowed, but that doesn't work at all; even on the first

How should I configure this to get the intended outcome?

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