Solarwinds Orion Maps

Good day,

Now that I have the Solarwinds Adapter loading 7 days worth of alarms I
would like to see the Network Maps that are in Orion as well. While I
do get a "Network Maps" Element along with one Called "Orion" and the
large amount of systems by IP for Elements. I don't see any items like
you see with other products like NetIQ Control Center maps or Visios
that are loaded elsewhere. When I go into the Web interface of Orion I
see the "Home" Tab which shows "Search Nodes" widget, "All Nodes" widget
(by name/group not IP), "Contacts" widget and our "Network Map" as well
as "Event Summary" and "Last 50 Events" widgets.

I tried removing the "disabled" tag in Adapter for "Show Applications"
but don't think this is related at all since we only use Orion for
Network and no App Monitoring. My question is how do I get to or
display ANY of the maps in the Orion interface in Operations Center?



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