Calculating Average availability for NOC elements

We have 7 wireless networking "probes" that we are using to check the
availability of the wireless network. Each runs a script which creates a
critical alert in NOC (via AppManager) when it fails. We would like to
calculate availability as an average across all 7 probes (or more, when
we add them). For example, today's availability numbers are as follows:

Wireless Probe 1 98.33
Wireless Probe 2 99.728
Wireless Probe 3 61.426
Wireless Probe 4 88.444
Wireless Probe 5 90.946
Wireless Probe 6 78.704
Wireless Probe 7 86.52

And so the average availability for all probes would be 86.3.

I am not sure how to do this in the Service Level Agreements
configuration. We are only doing a basic availability number at this



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