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Customers are asking for HTML 5 support. Simply put this is a new rev of HTML. For the most part it means very little. No more frames and framesets, just iframes and web2 XHTML access. Browsers need to support certain features like video and input editing.

So what does this mean for bsm and NOC. It means use mymo! Support for portal builder frames may go away someday. Other than that, HTML 5 is all about pushing specialized JavaScript code for doing input editing and video display to the browser vendor.

See for the real techie stuff.

Oh and know that mymo and svg layout is supported by you customers iPhone and iPad.

For the rest of the world, the flash output support for the NOC svg rendering engine will keep all your users and browsers happy.



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  • You know I was really looking forward to HRML5 and now I am just really disappointed.

    It seems that everyone is all concerned about VIDEO this and VIDEO that, well I guess that's fine if you watch movies and play video games.

    I don't. I program hardcore database applications.

    So to begin with I really HATE HTML/CSS it just plain sucks, for database programming. So naturally when I head they were finally going to put things in to handle input fields that ONLY want numbers, or ONLY want text, or are required I was pretty happy.

    Then reality set in. Yeah they did something like that, except of course they did it the most back-ass-words way possible.

    You can still enter ANYTHING into ANY field on a form, but nothing happens until the submit event!!? I think I said something like, "those *&%^(^(&* )(&^(&^ )(&*) *_(*_( _@($*$*#*U& IDOIOTS!".

    When I set out a field that I ONLY want NUMBERS in, I don't want characters to even be able to be types in! Do you have any idea of the gymnastics you have to go through to make that happen with JavaScript?

    How about formatted fields for things like phone numbers? a field that looks like (555 )-555-1212 or 555.555.1212 that makes the cursor skip over the mask and only accept numbers where numbers belong?

    Ya know it's the little things.
  • The HTML part of HTML5 won't make much difference to web apps, but the JavaScript part of HTML5 will. Nearly all of the leading HTML5 JavaScript engines are within milliseconds of each other in the performance sweep stakes. The higher performance the JavaScript engines of HTML5 will boost the client side performance of web apps. (Internet Explorer 9 has the potential to boost the SVG graphics rendering side of things too by leveraging GPU hardware acceleration now found on all modern PCs.)

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