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HotFix Portal for more Details

In SUMA, some time we found Hotfix number as condition which need to be installed for product support. I want to know the Portal URL where i can put that Hot fix number and see the detail about the Hotfix or download the same.

Example - 

SAP MP Hotfix QCCR8D44712 is required


Sumit Kumar


  • Suggested Answer

    Hello Sumit,

    There is no URL that you can access to be able to find out more information about this defect.

    It appears that the defect (QCCR8D44712) was not made customer visible or you would be able to see information about it on the Support portal.

    As for downloading the hotfix, there is no option to do that.  You will need to open a support case and engage support to obtain the hotfix.

    That is the normal process for most hotfixes.  I know that OBM has recently been changing that but for the OBM MP for SAP, you need to open a support case.

    You can also request that they engage engineer to make the defect customer visible.

    I hope that this helps.