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How to become root in OMi pod

i'm getting permission error while creating or move file inside OMi-0 pod, can some one help me how to get sufficient  privilege's/root?

  • Hello Shikant,

    Depending on the version of OpsB Suite you are running, root users have been removed from the containers.

    With that said, everything should be running as the omi user (1999).  That should be the correct settings.

    There is an example of accessing the omi-0 pod within the following doc page on Step 1.

    # kubectl -n opsb-helm exec -it omi-0 -c omi -- bash
    omiuser@omi-0:/> ls config dev home mnt public-ca-certificates sbin sys usr
    bin container lib opt root selinux tmp var
    boot db-trusted-certs etc lib64 proc run srv trusted-certs version.txt

    If you continue to have problems, then maybe it would help if you provided more details about what you are attempting to do.