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Definitive process for integrating MicroFocus classic NNMi, NA, and OBM with containerized OPTIC platform products and importing ca signed cert to NA

I've spent quite a bit of time reviewing the integration between classic ITOM products and OPTIC containerized.  In the documentation index I couldn't find a product called OPTIC or OPTIC Datalake or ODL and it was assumed that in the current documentation that containerized NOM offering is the product suite and is inclusive of OPTIC as the container platform but I would like to be sure.

If you don't mind I have 2 questions.

1. Can classic NNMi and/or NA integrate with OPTIC products BVD, PT, and Vertica without installing having to install kubernetes? Classic and container product version 2021.11 and up. A few of the links I've visited that imply either classic cannot integration with containerized products and at least one that does state classic NNNMi and classic NA integration with OPTIC however quickly browsing at the documentation on that page it says there is a step for installing kubernetes on NNMi which the customer won't do.I would like to give a definitive answer as soon as possible. I'm leaving just a few of the links that led to this cnclusion and saved as pdf the documentation is even richer but not more clear.

2. In the 2022.05 container NOM documentation it give steps for importing the ca signed certificate to NOM. At the top of the page it states in bold blue letters "Import your custom ca certificate" but below that in small letters it says "or" follow the procedures below. It goes on to imply that the NA server will become the root ca server for the MicroFocus products and does not give instructions to generate a server certificate and key to generate a certificate request to deliver to the certificate team. Is the implication a matter of fact or is there documentation missing? I'm not aware of an enterprise customer who would allow a root ca server to reside on the monitoring server except maybe a test environment so I would like to be sure before I piece together a certificate request to deliver to the customer's certificate team. I don't have access to an environment to test the ca certificate generated by NA in a browser to see who the root authority is.

Thank you.