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Is it possible to provide empty value in the URL path in the connected servers configuration in OBM 2020.10

Hello Everyone,

 In our environment, we have OBM 2020.10 and recently we have received request from the client to forward the events to the 3rd part management system. We have decided to use the available event synchronization web service and we have requested the 3rd party to create REST end point to receive the events from the OBM. They have created the REST endpoint as http://<hostname>:<port>/event to forward the events as guided by us but when we are trying to configure the target server and url details in "connected servers" section, OBM is not allowing us to leave the field "URL path" empty so that the event will be posted to the above mentioned end point.

Could you please let me know is there any way we can keep the field "URL path" empty in OBM 2020.10?

Thanks in advance.

With Regards,

D.Anand Raju.