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Low footprint option for OPTIC Reporting with OBM + NNMi classic


We manage a few deployments  of classic OBM and NNMi across various customers (15+) and are looking at keeping classic versions and deploying OPTIC reporting to replace the legacy reporting platforms of OBR and NPS.

Our OBM and NNMi deployments are small with reference to the interactive sizing guide. The low footprint/small options for OpsB and NOM separately would meet our needs. However, deploying a combined OpsB and NOM for a small environment requires a ridiculous amount of computing resources. When we discuss this with our customers they fall off their chair. Many do not want to do SaaS or invest in expanding infrastructure required to host the shared OPTIC reporting solution.

Is this a view other customers/partners share? Is there plans to offer an architecture for a small footprints of the above scenario?