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NOM License Installation

Hi folks,

I was able to deploy a Kubernetes cluster of 1 control node and 3 worker nodes using the OMT Toolkit. I deployed a Vertica cluster of 3 nodes as well.

After the deployment is done, I tried to access https://<control_node>:5814/autopass, but I get "Can't reach this page"

I have some questions regarding applying the NOM license:

  1. How can I check if AutoPass License Server is installed with the OMT or not?
  2.  How can I correctly install the NOM license?
  3. How can I install the license for the Vertica DB cluster as well?

I am somewhat new to this and the documentation is not that straightforward to understand. 

Thank you


I have NNMi and NA installed in classic modes (Windows servers) and I applied their classic licenses successfully.


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    Hello Osama,

    Thank you for your question.

    It's good that you have installed OMT and Vertica.  It sounds like you are planning on installing NOM (or at least BVD) with OPTIC Data Lake (Vertica) for your environment.

    OMT does not include Autopass because OMT is not the main application.  Autopass is used for licensing but it is installed as part of the NOM product.

    Here are some examples in different environments that I have running.

    From HCMX 2022.05 environment with CMS 2022.05:
    # kubectl get pods -A | grep -i autopass
    cms-prod itom-autopass-lms-855464987b-tqlmh 2/2 Running 0 4d
    itsma-qt7o5 autopass-lm-v2-77f7bf4cb9-msxdp 2/2 Running 0 4d
    itsma-qt7o5 itom-autopass-deploy-controller-pod 0/1 Completed 0 39d
    oo-prod itom-autopass-lms-6bcf8fc7d8-nnh26 2/2 Running 0 3d22h

    From OpsB 2022.05 environment:
    # kubectl get pods -A | grep autopass
    opsb-helm itom-autopass-lms-6d9fbf8797-p8zbz 2/2 Running 0 49d

    If you haven't installed NOM or the other product on top of OMT, you will not have access to Autopass.

    As was just provided by another, the documentation will provide you with some insight for license installation.

    I hope that this helps.



  • Thanks a lot for the detailed answer.

    But can you please guide me through the steps as I have not installed the NOM yet and I don't know what should I do next? This is my first time deploying these components altogether and somewhat overwhelmed

    Thank you

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    Hello Osama,

    Here is the documentation that goes through the installation of NOM 2022.05.

    I have installed multiple suites, but I do not work directly with NOM.  Basically, it's been a couple of years since I have installed NOM.

    This OPTIC (ITOM Platform) community that you are using is not for OPTIC Data Lake or NOM.  It is for OMT (OPTIC Management Toolkit), as you started with, etc.

    I would start reviewing the NOM 2022.05 Install documentation as a starting point.

    If you have questions or other issues, you can go to the following NOM Community to ask your questions.

    If you have issues with the installation, you could also open a support case if needed.

    I hope that this helps