Predefined query for Flex Reporting does not show parameter input list for node group

We have defined a new query based on the UIF query for availibility summary for NOM component health. The query contains the variable uifnodegroup, but when I use the query for a graph Widget in a new or copied Flex Reporting dashboard the parameter list to select a node group is not there or has no effect.

Any idea what I missed or if this does not work in general?

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  • Hello all,

    finally the parameter ist (here Node Group selection) is shown, but has no affect on the widget. Perhaps someone has an idea about what is wrong in this query in regards to the node group parameter:

    SELECT count (distinct nodeuuid) AS NumberOfNodes,

      ts AS Date,

      AVG(Avail) AS avgMaxAvailability,

      AVG(Reach) AS avgMaxReachability

    FROM (

                                  SELECT DISTINCT node_unique_id AS nodeuuid



                                                ,round(avg(availUtil), 2) Avail

                                                ,round(avg(reachUtil), 2) Reach

                                  FROM (

                                                SELECT chmet.node_unique_id,

                                                               chmet.node_name AS nodename,

                                                               chmet.timestamp_tz AS ts,

                                                               date_part('epoch', ${${nomcalendar:start}}::timestamp)::INT startdate,

                                                               date_part('epoch', ${${nomcalendar:end}}::timestamp)::INT enddate,

                                                               node_availability_max_pct availUtil,

                                                               node_reachability_max_pct reachUtil

                                                FROM nom_component_health_1h chmet

                                                WHERE timestamp_utc_s >= startdate AND timestamp_utc_s < enddate

                                                               AND (

                                                                              ${ 'ALL' = ${ uifnodegroup}}

                                                                              OR chmet.node_unique_id IN (

                                                                                             SELECT DISTINCT ngroup.node_unique_id

                                                                                             FROM nom_node_group_relation ngroup


                                                                                                                          SELECT max(collection_timestamp_s) ngmaxtime


                                                                                                                          FROM nom_node_group_relation ngroup

                                                                                                                          GROUP BY node_unique_id

                                                                                                                          ) ngmax

                                                                                             WHERE ngmax.ngmaxtime = ngroup.collection_timestamp_s

                                                                                                           AND ngmax.node_unique_id = ngroup.node_unique_id

                                                                                                           AND ${ ngroup.node_group_name IN (${ uifnodegroup}) }



                                                ) memutil

                                  GROUP BY node_unique_id, nodename, ts

                                  ) Avail

    GROUP BY ts

    ORDER BY ts desc

    Thanks and best regards


  • Verified Answer

    Hello all,

    finally the error was found:

    the spaces in the variables are not correct. If they are removed, the query works:

    (${ 'ALL' = ${ uifnodegroup}} must be

    (${ 'ALL' = ${uifnodegroup}} and

    AND ${ ngroup.node_group_name IN (${ uifnodegroup}) } must be

    AND ${ngroup.node_group_name IN (${uifnodegroup}) }

    This query enables the customer to show the availability and reachability over time.

    Thanks to OT support.

    Best regards