I can't access IDM console from Central or Designer



I have installed RPA Central on one machine and chose the "Create IDM" mode during the installation. I then installed the Designer on another machine and made it connect to the IDM created by Central. However, I can't access the IDM console since its icon is not even visible in the toolbar in either the Central or the Designer. Take a look at the following screenshots.





So I neither have access to IDM console, nor I can create internal accounts. I have checked the central-wrapper.conf and it does have the "Doverride.startup.mode=IDM" line.


How can I create accounts?


Note: Everything else is working properly (Mostly).


  • Verified Answer

    According to documentation, RPA2020.11 support PostgreSQL 9.6 only in built-in authentication mode.

    If you choose this option, then you will have to perform user management actions using IDM APIs as the RPA Central does not have its own IDM admin interface.

    Component Authentication mechanism Additional notes
    RPA Central Create IDM service  
    RPA Robot None  
    RPA Self-Service X Connect to an existing IDM Service Self-Service X has to connect to the same IDM service that was created by the RPA Central.