IDM problem when installing RPA Central/Designer on Linux with PostgreSQL


I am trying to install RPA Central (And also Designer) on Linux RHEL 7.8 with PostgreSQL. I have configured postgresql.conf as in the documentation. However, if I choose to create IDM during Central installation, I cannot access the Central portal, instead, I get an error saying: "A general error has occurred. Contact your administrator for more details." as shown in the following screenshot.


And if I choose "Connect to an existing IDM" option during the Designer installation, I get the 500 Error if I try to access the Designer web portal.


The error shown in the log complains about not finding the token files for IDM, and if I navigate to <install dir>/central/tomcat/webapps/idm-service directory, then the path "idm/v0/api/token/request_token" which RPA is trying to request does not exist.