RDP session


I have deployed a RPA Project, and it has been scheduled for run everyday at 7:00 AM, but the robot is waiting until I log into the server (RDP) and in this moment launch all the activity.

There is an article explaining this issue 


But is not clear:

Where is the robot installation path?

Why the credentials are not valid? I set both user and password and when I click on check button, message of "Try again" appears, but there is only one user on this machine. 

Is a mess for me, how can I config the Robot to executed itself despite not having an active RDP session?

  • Hi guys,

    I reviewd this process and finally I set credentials right




    But unfortunately is not working properly. I have scheduled a process (last 2' aprox) and after waiting for the final mail i logged into the machine to check the process out, the process was launched but waiting for robot (or similar I couldn't read the message) and in this moment the process chage to work in progress and the activities started to run.

    So, despite set the machine credentials on Run Session tab of Activity Designer, I'm not able to sucesfully execute scheduled process  on Central.


    Anybody has the same issue? Anybody could schedule processes on Central sucesfully?


    Kind regards