RPA couldn’t finish your installation

Greetings to all participants.
Need help installing RPA2020.11.
For some reason, an error message appears during the installation of the system.
Screenshot of the installation window in the attachment.
Error text:
RPA install error "Did not receive 200, 201 or 409 from IDM endpoint 204
What is missing for a complete system installation?
What other information is needed to identify and fix the error?
I want to note that the system is installed again after uninstalling
Can the error be caused by an incorrect uninstall?

  • Seems that OO Central component is not able to communicate to the IDM component, which is deployed by the OO Designer component.

    There are 2 places where I would look for more information:

    1. install.log in OO Central installation path- /central/install/path/install.log -- this should contain more information on the failure.

    2. OO Designer logs - /designer/install/path/designer/var/logs/*.log -- these logs should provide more information on whether the OO Designer and IDM installation went successfull.
  • I saw these logs when I was looking for the cause of the error.
    They contained the same information as the main window installation.
    At the moment I decided not to go deep into finding a solution. Rolled back to a clean OS and installed everything from the beginning.
    Thank you for responding!