RPA Central Installation - Unable to start central

We are installing RPA Central on a computer with Windows Server 2019. For the installation we carry out the following steps:
Step 1. Install Erlang on the computer with administrator privileges
Step 2. Install RabbitMQ on the computer with administrator privileges
Step 3. Activate Rabbitmq administration by entering cmd from the path c: \ Program Files \ RabbitMQ Server \ rabbitmq_server-3.7.15 \ sbin \ and executing the command rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management. For the change to take effect, the Rabbitmq service must be restarted
Step 4. We enter the Rabbitmq portal from a browser using the URL: http: // localhost: 15672 and
Step 5. We add a new user with administrator privileges.
Step 6. We add a new virtual host from our Rabbitmq console, i
Step 7. We grant access privilege to the user previously created for our new host.
Step 8. We proceed with the installation of RPA Central using the wizard
After the wizard finishes its tasks, we can confirm that everything was installed correctly but that the Central service cannot start.
We visualize the status of the service in the Task Manager and it is running. When entering the RPA Central address (https: // localhost: 8443 / oo) a screen is displayed that says "You are about to be redirected to the web application" but a loop is generated and it does not advance from that screen
We have reviewed the installation, the user privileges with which it is installed, firewall, antivirus and even try again to install these components but we obtain the same result.
Reviewing the installation log, we could notice that there were some errors regarding the execution of commands. I am attaching the log file for your review.
Does Someone knows why Central console cannot be displayed?