Cloudslang BASE json post

Hi All

current i'm on assessment on RPA,

but now i kindda facing an issue regarding usage of cloudslang base dependency,

in SOAPUI i can got the result what i want, but i got confused using this

when use method http_json_post, result_return said "{"result":{"type":"ERROR","msg":"Found unexpected type."}}". but status code said 200. i had no clue for that

so the parameter i set on http_json_post:

1. the curl -> the url json

2. the header -> 'alfssoauthntoken:'+return_result (this output from process post)

3. body -> 'content-length:0' (if i not put this on body, it was complaining with error (<BODY><h2>Length Required</h2><hr><p>HTTP Error 411. The request must be chunked or have a content length.</p></BODY>))

and separately on SOAPUI:

1. the curl

2. the header of token

3. the body put a filter ({fixedFields: false, fields: [{dbname:"WHEREAREYOUGOING"}, {dbname: "DEPARTUREDATE"}, {dbname: "EMPLOYEENAME"}]})

and i still confused where the put if had this filter and also need put the content-length if using the CloudSlang