On robot servers, OneDrive keeps shutting.

My processes start failing about once a week due to OneDrive not syncing new files. I notice that the OneDrive Sync application isn't even functioning when I log in as the robot account. I checked the settings and OneDrive is set to launch when the user signs in, but for some reason it isn't always working. Has anyone else had a similar problem and discovered a solution?

  • Hi Tanish, 

    Yes we've been experiening this issue too! There is an option within the OneDrive folders to keep files downloaded and not in the Cloud, but it didn't completely fix the issue. 

    On top of the above, we've had to keep processes assigned to specific workers/robots to reduce the failures. We have multiple bots and were hoping to have all our processes unassigned, but due to the sycning issue we have to keep assigning the flows to ensure the files they require are found.