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Control Room for Bot Management

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Control Room Requirements

  • Bots should be considered synonymous to human users where a human manager will have a certain number of human and bots in his/her team.
  • There should be a control room where the organization and human managers can manage their bots
  • Bot resource management includes recruiting new bots to the organization, allocating bots to teams (led by human managers), removing bots from a team etc.
  • Team managers should be able to request for additional bots to their team and return a bot to the common pool.
  • Reporting should be available for  volume of automation being processed by team and across the organization
  • A manager may allocate skills to his/her bots such as SAP automation, Workday automation etc. so they can be assigned to the automation jobs that require matching skills
  • RPA should have the ability to centrally store and view the activity logs of all bots for traceability

This idea is posted to validate if bot management capability is important for Micro Focus RPA customers.