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Make central to browse data in selected Page display

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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4 months ago

Now, Central will display 200 executed flow in one page, if we need to search the previous more than 200 flows, we need to use date and time to search.

Is it possible to implement central to browse data in selected Page display,  Like other 


  • Yes, we want pagination implemented for the Central's Run Explorer.

    We want to see nearest report the most, the filter function is not easy to use.

  •  , thank you for raising this request.

    Can you please clarify the desired behavior? Would you like to have pagination implemented for the Central's Run Explorer?

    Considering the large amount of runs that can be displayed, the current behavior is by design and indeed, you need to narrow your search when you are interested to search for specific runs.