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Office 365 CP - limit the mailbox reading to just one user with credencials

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

In order to make the list messages work, we have to give the admin permission on MF Graph (this let the flow executioner read all the people associated within the azure AD, usually the whole company) or the delegated permission (that usually don't have enough permission to read the inbox).

For a more controlled use of this CP, I would suggest na user and password input for the mailbox that you wish to read, to limit the inbox Reading just to the mailbox you have to process.

  • Thank you for the great feedback and collaboration on this feature  !

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  • Thank you, our testing (beta version) showed that it works as expected, using delegated rights.

  • I'm pleased to announce that the OO to Office365 Content including this feature was released TODAY on the ITOM Marketplace.

    • CloudSlang version here
    • AFL version here

    Like always, we are looking forward for your feedback!

    Lucian Revnic

  • My vote is in. We needed too.

  • I just wanted to submit this same idea. I think the requirement to have access to all mailboxes of the whole company, including your CEO, is not a good practice.

    Automation use cases, usually are only required to read emails from one 'automation' email box and move mails that are processed to some subfolder. For this type of use cases, you would have username/password of that particular mailbox.

    Giving access to all mailboxes when you need access only to one, is not a good practice from security standpoint, since you have hard time monitoring who accessed which mail boxes and you have user, who has access to everything...

    So, this should definitely be improved ASAP.