Idea ID: 2702441

OO Central and RPA Central on same instance

Status : Accepted
over 2 years ago

Allow mixed environments with traditional OO flows and RPA activities, all visible under same central web (not two servers, neither two intances/urls)

Also upgrade path from existing OO customer to add RPA capabilities



  • This idea has been accepted and will be put under consideration for a short-term future release.

  • BTW, OO Central from V2019.11 already has all of the tables to support RPA and robots. So, why not enable robots with just a license and upgrade OO Central to RPA Central? I think this would be best for any OO customer. Who would want to install additional server clusters to support RPA...

  • It is also very confusing that the same names are used in the path for OO Central and RPA Central. If it is the central dashboard for RPA, then it should be named .../rpa-central, not .../oo-central. The same applies to the other components that exist in both products, but actually are different!

  • Would be nice to use the same infrastructure already used for OO. I have already had the question "So I need to find and pay for more servers?"