Webinar May 26: Insights from Global RPA Survey


Micro Focus recently surveyed business and technology professionals around the globe about their experiences adopting and scaling RPA. By automating a range of processes—from HR and IT to sales, customer service, finance, compliance, and auditing—more than half of them have saved 30 hours per week.

But how should you start RPA? What scalability challenges will you face? And—are the business benefits real? Micro Focus recently asked RPA practitioners these very questions. Join our interactive Q&A webinar to hear their answers. We’ll cover:
• Benefits to be gained—today and tomorrow—from RPA.
• Key lessons learned by early adopters.
• Critical capabilities needed to implement RPA.
• Challenges companies face when scaling RPA.
• How needs and challenges change as RPA experience grows.

Live online May 26 11:00 am United States - New York  or after on demand
Travis Greene, Director of Product Marketing, Micro Focus and David Gehringer, Principal, Dimensional Research



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