Micro Focus RPA Innovate Virtual Workshop Broadcast Live from London, UK


Micro Focus RPA Innovate Virtual Workshop

Broadcast Live from London, UK

Join our UK&I experts on 12 May…

Join our experts on 12 May as we examine how to use discovery analytics to identify business process that will help maintain business continuity.

According to Deloitte, 53 percent of companies surveyed are ready to begin implementing RPA. Why so many? Because RPA can expedite time-to-value and maximise the productivity of your workforce—ensuring everyone is focused on the strategic needs of the business.

Don't get left behind. Attend our virtual RPA workshop.  

In three bite-sized sessions, you will learn how to use discovery and analytics to identify business processes that are suitable RPA candidates—and how you can build, secure, and scale automated processes across your enterprise to ensure business continuity. We’ll cover:

  • The definitions of business processes and RPA.
  • Why so many companies are adopting RPA.
  • How to identify and map your employee user journeys.
  • Identifying RPA use cases and implementation requirements.

For current customers, we will also explore ways you can:

  • Leverage Micro Focus test automation IP to ignite enterprise productivity.
  • Use Micro Focus RPA to build your long-term digital footprint.

Ultimately, you’ll take away valuable insights for ensuring business continuity through automation in this challenging time.

View the full agenda, then complete the form to secure your spot.



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