NEW COURSE: RPA 2019.11 Digital Learning for Administrators

This course is intended for all Micro Focus Robotic Process Automation users.





In the Lesson 4, you will learn how to schedule a flow in RPA Central Scheduler, Execute a flow in RPA SSX, Navigate the triggered flow in RPA Central, and Run multiple flows on various robot VMs. This is the last lesson in this learning series for v.2019.11.


This lesson consists of the following modules:

      Module 4.1: Scheduling and Executing Flows
      Module 4.2: Using Multiple Robots



4.1 Module, - learn about scheduling an existing flow in RPA Central, Executing a flow in RPA Self Service X and using GIT Repo in RPA Workflow designer.
4.2 Module - will learn how to execute multiple flows and watch them being executed on multiple robot VMs.


This lesson has the following demonstrations:

Module 4.1
      Schedule a Flow using RPA Central Scheduler
      Trigger a Flow using RPA Self-Service X
      Use a GIT Repository

Module 4.2
      Access RabbitMQ
      Configure RabbitMQ
      Install a Second Robot on the ROBOT VM
      Execute a Flow with Multiple Robots in RPA Central
      Execute a Flow with an Individual Robots in RPA Central


To access lesson 4, click HERE.


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