(RPA) Support Tip: Workflow Designer Admin Account Is Locked


Admin account that is in IDM's DB DATABASE_USER table could be locked (and not enabled) after multiple attempts to use a wrong password.

At that time IDM log showed:
INFO com.hp.ccue.identity.authn.MultiTenantAuthenticationProvider - there is authType -[SEEDED, DATABASE_USER] in session
INFO com.hp.ccue.identity.authn.MultiTenantAuthenticationProvider - The authType is -[SEEDED, DATABASE_USER]
ERROR com.hp.ccue.identity.seeded.DBSeededAuthenticationProvider - User account admin is locked
ERROR com.hp.ccue.identity.service.IdentityServiceImpl - Authentication failure for admin in RPA

In order to unlock it, run the following (MSSQL as an exsample):
UPDATE Database_User SET locked_date=null, locked=false, failed_login_counter=0,auto_unlocked_counter=0, enabled=true WHERE locked=true AND name='<username>';

After that the correct admin password should be used in order to login.


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