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Multiple Projects Single Process App/Workflow?

I'm looking at the Service Request application for SRC 5.1.1 and I'm noticing that in SBM administrator after I've deployed the application there are multiple sub-projects under Request Center. What confuses me is that In my experience I've seen that projects and process apps are a 1:1 ratio. That being said when I look at the Service Request Center application in Composer I'm not seeing where the sub projects are identified.

I'm looking to create additional sub projects that follow the same workflow, so any assistance in where these sub-projects that use the same process app are defined would be useful.

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    Hi, Curtis.

    This task is performed in the SBM Application Administrator. You can use this URL to get to this interface:

  • Note that the first project for an application is automatically created the first time your application is deployed to an environment. Any additional projects will then be created as Pam points out.
  • Awesome One last question, with the SSM/SRC suite how do I map a form from the the "SRC - Starter Pack - IT" to a specific project? I was expecting an orchestration to kick data between the various Applications. e.g. from the SRC front end ("SRC - Starter Pack - IT"?) to the specific project in the SBM Workspace (a project defined under "Service Request").

    I'm not seeing the orchestration so I'm not exactly sure how the data is getting mapped from the submit forms through to the Service Request.
  • Curtis,

    You have to create reference between your process app and the Starter Pack - IT forms process app. Then, in the Application Administrator, for a specific project, you can identify which form you want to use. That would be where you override the form from the default app in Composer.

    Let me know if that doesn't make sense and I can create some screenshots to walk you through it!