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Occasional User Privileges

We R using Request Center for our customer.
Some of our customers has more than one user that uses our app.
User A open a new item and became the owner of it.
User B can see this item but don't have privileges to update\transit it.

For regular user there is a privilege to Update\Transition All Items but for occasional there isn't.

Q: Is there a way that user B will update an item that was opened by user A from the same company?
  • Hi Aviad,

    That is the defined limitation of the occasional user. In industry terms, it'd be considered a submitter license. Such a user can submit and edit their own data, but cannot edit another user's data. To edit another user's data, you need a 'regular' user license.
  • Suggested Answer

    Hi Aviad,

    We have the same situation and we've found this a major challenge until we transitioned to using notes for all client communications. We've found this is very useful as clients can still update requests via the web interface (Actions>Add Note) or reply to email notifications in which case their email response is parsed back in via the mail client feature of SBM.

    Unfortunately this limits the client to only being able to update each other's requests, but not transition them.