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SBM version 12.1 and the compatibility to SSM/SRC 5.4

Hello Dave,

i have a question regarding the latest SBM version 12.1 and the compatibility to SSM/SRC 5.4 (incl. SSM_5.4.PATCH1).
There are two contradictory statements in the documentation.
The following URL states:
SystemRequirements 12.1
(Service Support Manager version 5.4 or higher / Supported / For SBM 12.x support, SSM 5.4 Patch 1 is required)
and here it says:
About this Release 12.1
(SBM 12.1 and Service Manager/SRC --> Contact Support for more information running with SBM 12.1)

Which statement is correct?

I had already created a case (02479083-How to configre Service Manager/SRC to run with SBM 12.1) but unfortunately only with the statement that we still have to wait.

Many greetings and thanks in advance,

  • Verified Answer

    HI Uwe, SBM 12.1 is not compatible with SSM/SRC 5.4. The team is working on a "patch 2" which will include Patch 1 fixes and the fixes from hotfix 1 and will be compatible with SBM 12.1. The last I heard (from a meeting this morning) is that that patch will be ready in March. They did not share an exact date. They have been working on this patch for some time now, so I'm hopeful it will be done earlier rather than later in the month. I'll post a comment here when it's released.

    PS. We fixed the text at the first link you gave above. Sorry for the confusion.