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How to set 'end-user help text' for each value of a Single Relational field?

In SBM Composer, I only know how to create an 'end-user help text' for a field or a transition. I tried to put a long list of information into the 'end-user help text' for this single relational field "Impact Code" but the tiny help box cannot cover all the information I put in unfortunately.


When I hovered over each value of that "Impact Code" drop-down list, I saw the same value showed up as a help text:

My users asked for a description of each available choice from the list instead of seeing the same information; so is it possible to show the corresponding "Definition" value as the 'end-user help text' for each "Category" value of that "Impact Code" auxiliary table? 

  • Out of the box, I suspect the hover text of the value is the same string as the value. The value string is controlled by the Value Display Format field. For example, you could change it to read '{Category} - {CustomHelpText}' Implying that you add a field called CustomHelpText to the Impact Code table and show its content dynamically. I would encourage a shorter help text than what you have, but at least it is an option. Optionally, a hyperlink to another page could be an option for the field's help text - but I think it would only be clickable when viewed through the Help links in the upper right corner, not the hover text. You could even use a Relational Grid widget to give you more room for the text instead of the simple drop down of the Single Relational field. More is possible with advanced javascripting, and custom form widgets. 

  • Thank you for your recommendations. I will try with a javascript then.